selby's in the house...

people who know me know i LOVE magazines. interior design / architectural / fashion, love them all... the *joy of receiving the latest issue; all those fresh unread, untouched pages, cracking the spine, ah... yes i do LOVE magazines. when i see that white spine of one of my favourite interiors / architectural / design mags, habitus i'm in heaven.

the eleventh issue doesn't disappoint with stories, interviews, projects, products and photography that excites and inspires. [i want to create the light fitting in filipino photographers jake verzoras's cafe+gallery]
my favourite read in this issue is about portrait, interiors, and fashion photographer + illustrator todd selby. he has become quite an iconic photographer over the past 3 years with his photographs of creative individuals in their personal spaces. check out his website; it has an abundance of beautiful / creative photos along with his quirky texta written interviews with each of his subjects. below are a few examples of his work capturing both the famous and not so...
erin wasson: model/designer
andrew field: chef
tina kalivas: fashion designer
[images via the selby website]

and the best news is that todd selby has released a book "the selby is in your place"
of some of these beautiful images. i see a purchase coming on.

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