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i'm excited to share with you my very first blog interview, which belongs to monica del rosario. she started out as a work colleague but has turned into a dear friend. she encouraged me to start this blog so you can thank her... not only is she great at inspiring people to give new things a go / put themselves out there, shes an awesome cook, has a knack for styling and should take up a career as an event coordinator.
i hope you enjoy*...

you've just been to milan, italy for the salone internazionale del mobile for the first time, how did you find the experience? 
lost for words at first but overall an amazing experience to see buildings that just didn't seem possible to have been created by man!

what did you find inspiring? 
being my first year i was inspired by everything around me; shop windows to gates in the street


what would you have loved to have bought for your home? 
anything from missoni home

what did you see that made you smile? 
the mini installation, you just wouldn't see that at a design show in sydney.

what made you go, um what were you thinking? 
i had this trip down as a 2012 goal but my boss, yosi (designer rugs) didn't want to go in the end so he sent me. i just kept saying "i'm in milan!!" fantastic opportunity that i just didn't see coming...

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