it should be easy...

i'm finally tackling the bathroom in my apartment. after 5 or so years living with a 1960's bathroom, complete with pink tiles, blue toilet and basin - it is time for an upgrade. its the only part of my place that hasn't had much attention, so it should be easy... hmmm... time is the issue. time to source products, time to meet with plumbers and tilers, time to move out so they can pull the place a part.
i have made a start and bought the basin, cabinets and a new ceiling plus decided on the general look and layout. i am very excited about the ceiling; pressed tin panels. the lovely man at chippendale restorations [a beautiful haven for any builder, designer, architect or renovator] assured my father that it will be easy to install... got to love my dad, any task is never any trouble.

here is my mood board for the look i'm after. i can't wait to post the before and after photos.