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i first came across the works of joanna campbell, new zealand designer in a 2009 issue of habitus magazine. what caught my eye was a heavy solid ring with black typography resembling a tape measure. the ring aptly named "tape measure ring" has adorn my finger ever since. its by far my favourite piece of jewellery, it represents who i am, both personally and professionally.

her work is often drawn from her love of textiles and her pieces embody the delicate nature of antique lace, deconstructed silk organza rolled onto silver, gold, aluminium and copper to make rings, cuffs, brooches and earrings.

i am honoured that joanna said she'd love to be interviewed for this post. *enjoy...

what do you do? 
i am a jeweller, i make jewellery influenced by my love of textiles.

how did you start out? 
i made my first cuff out of copper when i was 9 years old in my dads garage. i have a bachelor of design majoring in 3D design: jewellery. after graduating i hired a bench at workshop 6 in kingsland, working alongside other rock and roll jewellers.

what are you working on right now? 
i am working on a series of embroidery hoop brooches, setting antique lace into silver frames. i am also making a one metre long oxidised silver and gold ribbon with a floral pattern woven into the length of it.

what's the best advice you've been given? 
not to have too many pots on the boil at once.

what inspires you? 
everything and anything...

what are you most passionate about? 
historical textiles, patterns, materials, craft.

what motivates you to keep going? 
making the drive to make the next idea into form.

who's your greatest hero? 
dolly parton

what has been your biggest lesson? 
being in the moment.

what's on the cards for the year ahead? 
making some amazing jewellery! and having fun!

where can we see your work? 
egetal, melbourne and

[jewellery by joanna campbell]

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