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thanks to sibella court [interior stylist / owner of "the society inc."] and her wonderful new book the stylists guide to nyc, i want to go to new york now more than ever and as frank said "i want to be a part of it. new york, new york".

the guide covers everything; where to find jewellery, drapery, furniture, flowers, art supplies plus everything in-between... there's useful little facts on the stores, store owners and what you can expect to find inside. it's also full of handy hints like where to buy coffee, how to get around, best days to visit certain shops or areas and how to get those purchases back home. 

sibella has composed the guide in what she calls "loops", so you can pick and choose your destinations within a loop but of course there is always the opportunity to discover your own treasures in new york.

i've always wanted to go to new york but i must admit i had no real plans to visit new york in the foreseeable future and just bought the book because i love the photography [stunning+quirky], i love the overall look and feel of it and was also interested in seeing what sibella recommended. but after reading through the guide it has made me wish i could leave today. its so interesting and inspiring, so much more to see than i could have imagined. i'm so looking forward to one day been able to say "i'm leaving today..." and finally discovering new york for myself.

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