can i move in...

grand design is one of those shows that i forget is on but when i flick through the channels i'm super happy to see it's on... i get completely overwhelmed and gob-smacked by the amount of money some people have but it’s always their ambition and love for their dream home that keeps me captivated.

on a recent episode, a home considered by grand designs standards as somewhat modest, completely awoken my imagination and made me fall in love with design all over again. i now want to buy land, design, build and decorate my own home.

interior designer kathryn tyler, designed and help build this simple scandinavian-inspired house that used conventional materials of brick and timber to create a livable, functional home known as “corkellis house” in falmouth uk. her eye for space, structure and scale created a place to showcase her large collection of books, art and vintage danish furniture... please can i move in?

[images via linea studio website]

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