why so blue...

why not? blue can create such a bold, moody, strong statement in your home. i'm not referring to the  congratulations its a boy type of blue but more the deep sea, indigo, navy, midnight, the darker the better type of blue along with a little aqua, peacock, i want to dive in blue... unless of course you've just had a baby boy than go for it, knock yourself out and paint the walls congratulations its a boy blue.

my love affair with the deepest rich end of this hue started a long time ago, but it was the cover of inside out's 2006 july/august issue that cemented it. even though the colour was so dark and mysterious, the picture just glowed. it is still to date one of my favourite covers.

so whether you're painting the entire room or adding accents of this brilliant colour full of intrigue, don't be afraid to feel blue - its bound to stand the test of time or at least until you have a pink phase! please no...
[image via jonny valiant website / inside out magazine]
[accents of blue by sibella court]

[loving deep sea blue in the bedroom]
[photography by richard powers / belle magazine]
[image via the renovators website]


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