beauty in the burbs...

in may this year louise hawson launched her book of photographs called '52 suburbs'. a collection of photos taken over a year of visiting a different sydney suburb each week in search of "beauty in the 'burbs". this mission started after one of those rare moments that people have, where they're assessing their life and if its going in the direction that makes them smile... and for louise it was lying on a hospital bed after been bitten by a white-tailed spider with the prospect of losing her hand.

her photos capture suburbs in a different light to the cliche, travel brochure and newspaper headlines that we've become accustomed too. they embodied what a diverse city sydney is in all its architectural, natural and multiculturalism glory...





a collection of louise's photographs are on display at the museum of sydney until 9 october.
she will be doing an artist talk followed by a book signing on sunday 18 september @ 2pm.

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