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i'm excited to bring this post / an interview with my dear friend rebecca elms [bec] from arlington milne. bec and the lovely louise king [lou] formed this handbag, fashion and lifestyle brand with the philosophy of creating stylish, classic pieces with an affordable price tag. in august 2010 they launched their first collection of gorgeous leather handbags, practical and funky travel accessories and cotton handkerchiefs. this year they branched out into the world of fashion and have launched their very first line of silk clothing that would make any girl feel just a little extra special.

arlington milne is making a splash across our fashion magazines and in the coming months will be seen in cosmopolitan, instyle, plus shop til you drop. only recently actress melissa george was photographed in new york with an arlington milne jude clutch in her hand... 

i first meet bec at what we affectionately called the college of knowledge in north sydney when we were both studying interior design. me; a girl from the gong and her; a girl from the northern beaches hit it off and are to this day each others number one fan. when describing bec i must always say this is a girl who's glass is always half full... she sees the best and makes the most out of everything, no matter how big or small.

i couldn't be more proud of bec for following her dreams, taking a risk and having it pay off..

what do you do? 
i am one of the directors of arlington milne – which is a glorified name for doing everything that needs doing… from packing orders to product development!

what are you working on right now? 
what aren’t we working on… our a/w leather range, travel range & two ranges of apparel – a/w12 & s/s12-13, we are also launching a range of cheaper price point bags for february, so that is also taking up some valuable time….

what’s the best advice you’ve been given? 
cash is king by our accountant, if you don’t have cash flow in a small business you cannot survive.  he also says slow & steady wins the race, which is something that both lou & I are not very good at… as we are both incredibly impatient, well i am especially!!!

what’s on the cards for the year ahead? 
more bags, more clothes & hopefully a lot less stress. i have learnt an incredible amount in our first year of trading, so fingers crossed will have a much smoother 2nd year.  I never thought it was possible to learn so much…

what are you most passionate about? 
life & everything it has to offer. travel, weekends & spending time with my lovely husband.

what has been your biggest lesson? 
learning to deal with china. i think the most important lesson for us, was to build a great relationship with our manufacturer.  we had loads of issues with our first manufacturer, so have had to make a change, [which was a massive business decision] but it has been by far the best decision we have ever made… they are a small family run company, so we are able to deal directly with them & the factory, which has been incredible in terms of quality control & the detailing in our bags…

[clockwise from top left: millie maxi dress -stripe | ruby bag -tan | sophie clutch -tan watermelon |
sammy pleat top -watermelon | bangles | flat pouch -navy bird]

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