detonate... no

it’s a question my friends asked themselves when buying an old fibro home on a massive block of land, do they renovate or detonate? to my joy they are renovating plus extending in time… and more excitingly for me, they have asked for my help in redesigning the interior of the existing home, come up with options for the extension and put together ideas for the overall look and feel of the entire home.

it’s been sometime since I’ve had the opportunity to design and put my mark on a place that’s not my own. i couldn’t be more delighted, thrilled, terrified and overwhelmed all at once as i am at the moment. as you'd imagine, it’s never smooth sailing when designing a family home… everyone has an opinion and everyone needs to be heard. unfortunately the budget dictates the possible, but dreams still need to be fulfilled and the house needs to feel like a home that will allow the family to grow with for many years to come.

the builder has started the demolition of everything old and not required, we’re getting ever so close to finalising the new layout of the original home, plans for the extension are in progress and then the real fun begins when we start looking at fixtures and finishes. *joy…

[existing home]

[concept plans]

[design inspirations]

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