all i want...

[images via vogue living australia]

christmas is just around the corner and i'd say i love christmas time more than loathe it... i do love the getting together with family and friends, giving presents, all the eating and drinking, the annual leave from work, but what i don't like is trying to fit everything in, christmas shopping, making sure you see everyone. mostly what i loathe every year at this time is what am i going to do with three weeks of work... 

so if i could make a wish; all i want for christmas is an island holiday...

and as my wish is more than likely not coming true this holidays, than at least i can dream through the jan / feb 2012 issue of vogue living australia. there gorgeous article on the maldives six senses resort has wet my appetite. i can't say i'd ever be able to afford to stay there, but i'm allowed to dream... its christmas!!

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  1. I am wishing for an island holiday that will not be happening as well!!
    I suppose we will just have to keep dreaming and reading Vogue for this Christmas.

    Enjoy your holidays Christine with family and friends.
    Carla x