sunburnt country

we australians have just celebrated what has become one of our biggest annual holidays "australia day". i can't remember it been a big deal when i was little but over the years its had more coverage and attention than any other holiday in australia. the traditional way to enjoy this day amongst my friends usually consists of a bbq, beers, swimming, backyard cricket and listening to triple j's hottest one hundred... this year my day was super low key, don't worry there was of course beer and listening to triple j. 
[this years number one song as expected, could of bet your house on it, and in my opinion definitely well deserved "somebody that i used to know" by goyta.]

however i did find myself during the week leading up to the holiday thinking about what it means to be australian and mostly what it was like growing up as a coastal dwelling australian kid. i had what could be described as a stereotypical australian upbringing in the 70's and 80's but what i  fondly remember as an idyllic childhood... kingswood in the drive way of our four bedroom fibro home, two brothers, loving parents, nipper the dog, backyard swimming pool, a perfectly sloped backyard for the slip n slide and big enough for a great game of cricket with the neighbour, bushland across the road that had a bmx bike track that become very popular during the "bmx bandits" phase, surf club during the summer, netball in the winter, stanwell park beach just a five minute drive away... it was pretty awesome.

most years we'd pack up the kingswood and head south for a family camping holiday. i loved these trips. it was a time where we'd sit around the camp fire on balmy summer nights, spend all day at the beach or throwing a line in the river hoping for a fish. best of all it was just the five of us been together eating, playing games and exploring new places in this beautiful relatively unspoiled country of ours that i remember and love the most...

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