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its a wonderful feeling when your friends are making a living out of something they love, and my dear friend who i met in my teens attending dance classes, katrine rinaldi is doing just that. being the daughter of renowned artsit john vander, loving and appreciating art is in her blood. so when katrine, who study jewellery making informed us that she was going to open her first jewellery gallery 'precious fusion' in 2003 next door to her parents art gallery 'articles art gallery' on the new south wales [nsw] south coast we knew that it was going to be a success. 'precious fusion' exhibits talented and creative australian and international jewellers, as well as katrines very own beautiful, unique, and individual pieces.

after opening a second store in 2007 in cronulla nsw plus starting a family, katrine has been quite time poor  but she has finally made it back into the studio and the wait is worth its while. her latest collection shows her love for the classic and contemporary with a twist and this shines through in the unique new pieces. katrines collection can be viewed at 'precious fusion' 111 lawrence hargrave drive, stanwell park, nsw.

its my pleasure to bring you this interview with katrine rinaldi. *enjoy...

what do you do? 
i own (with my husband) and run 'precious fusion'. a contemporary jewellery and metalwork gallery in both stanwell park and cronulla nsw. we showcase the work of talented australian and some international artisans/jewellers. i am also a jeweller who has just come back to the bench after a 3 year break to start a family. i must say, it's good to be back!

how did you start out? 
on the gallery side of things, i grew up in a family run business (my parents have had an art gallery for 32 years and my father is an artist). so it was natural for me to want to be surrounded by beautiful things and be my own boss. on the jewellery side, i had an amazing teacher in high school who, when she saw i loved metal art, really encouraged me to take it further. i then completed a bachelor of applied arts at the university of nsw, college of fines arts [cofa], majoring in jewellery design.

what are you working on right now? 
well, as mentioned earlier, i have just got back to the bench to make a collection of pieces to be released this weekend at 'precious fusion', stanwell park. it's been challenging to find the time, but totally worth it.

what's the best advice you've been given? 
never give up and keep re-inventing yourself. oh, and always have a database of customers! (thanks dad).

what inspires you? 
from a business perspective, doing something you love and making a living is pretty special. as far as my jewellery goes; nature, simple lines and certain metalsmithing techniques. i also love it when customers, who are now friends, come back time and time again wearing one of your pieces as their favourite.

what are you most passionate about? 
jewellery! it fascinates me what people can do with a simple idea and turn it into a wearable artform.

what motivates you to keep going? 
trying to find the balance between home and family, work and money, and then being creative, is a challenge. i am motivated to find this balance because i love what i do.

what's on the cards for the year ahead? 
more jewellery making, i hope! and the search continues for more talented jewellers and metalsmiths.

where can we see your work? 
at the moment, 'precious fusion', stanwell park with the hope of making more to exhibit in cronulla.

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