white stuff...

winter has arrived for us in the southern hemisphere, so its time to dust off the snowboard for one of my favourite holiday destinations 'the snow'.

my very first trip to the snow was when i was 16. a bus load of us went from the surf to the snow for a weekend of matching fluro jackets and skis, to experience this natural wonder. one year later i swapped the skis for a board and i haven't looked back. for almost 20 years i've packed the board in the car and headed south, along with a couple of trips across the ocean to experience what new zealand has to offer. snow trips have been some of the funniest, most exhausting and spontaneous trips i've ever been on. i love that phone call on a friday: 
"do you want to go to the snow?"
"when, tonight?"
"lets do it... "
"awesome, pick you up at 7"
nothing better!!!

another part of the snow experience is the accommodation. i've done everything from sleeping in the car to five star luxury, but no matter what style of accommodation you stay in there is always a bar with a warm fire near by. ah the JOY!! 
[project by swedish architect: daniel fagerberg]

do you love the snow like me? would you prefer a warmer holiday destination? where would you like to be right now?

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