27 weeks...

it has come to my attention that people like to read posts that are more personal rather than someones point of view. we like to get a glimpse of peoples life. so this weeks post is simply my week, week 27 of 2012 in pictures.

the mini always at the ready wondering what the week has in store. the week started out with a visit to walsh bay, sydney, to view 'simmer on the bay' for the up and coming akira isogawa rug launch that i've been working on with akira for the last 8 or so months. a little lunch with colleagues followed by more meetings and wondering the streets. tuesday and wednesday were photo shoot days to capture the rugs in both commercial and residential environments. there was an impromptu photo opportunity with the man behind the range, akira. 
a stop in the middle of broadway to snap a building covered in portraits before it disappears behind some building development. there was time to smell the flowers and a little retail therapy. the week finished at darcy's first birthday party in stanwell park. my niece, zalie, super keen to eat a cupcake soon questioned her decision after the sugar coma kicked in... *JOY

how was your week? 

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