exposed bricks...

ok, i'll admit it... i love the tv show the block. let me rephrase that a little... i love sunday night epsiodes of the block. the room reveals. its the night were we actually saw the rooms that the contestants had been talking about all week come together. in thirty minutes we see the final touches of a week of demolishing, rebuilding, painting and decorating to reveal stunning, contemporary and inspiring rooms, along with the occasional not so well executed rooms.

as the series wraps up for another year, watching the auctions i actually felt like i was going to be sick with excitement and shock at the incredible amount of cash all contestants will be taking home after eleven weeks of work. yes, there was tears on my behalf. i'm a softy when i see people generally overwhelmed with happiness...

a couple of trends were bought to the forefront during this series; the contestants couldn't get enough of exposed brick walls and pendant lighting. its a look that i also love. 

[all images via the block]
was there a room that you loved? would you ever consider going on a reality show?

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