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when i was little, a couple of times a year our family would get together with some of our relatives to celebrate a birthday or christmas or whatever gift giving, bbqing occasion was on order. my parents would enjoy the catch up with my aunties and uncles with a beverage or two and us kids would just love having all these new people to play and hang out with... it was pretty simple fun of swimming, cricket, football, bmx riding, slip 'n' slid or just chasing each other around.

last weekend the mcdonalds [dads side of the family] celebrated our beloved aunty netts 80th birthday. to say it was an intimate gathering would be an extreme understatement. her party was held at an equestrian park because basically we need a place large enough to accommodate us. let me explain; dad was the youngest in his family, with seven sisters and five brothers. yes, thats right, there were thirteen children. unfortunately over time, three of my fathers siblings have passed away. i now have six aunties and three uncles. i have no idea how many cousins i have, i'm guessing it would be in the vicinity of thirty. the scary thing is some of my cousins children have had children, so at a guess i would have over ninety living mcdonald relatives!! hence the equestrian park.

we rarely see each other nowadays as everyone has there own families and when we do it can be like playing guess who?. however the days are always fun, relaxed and active, there's definitely no shortage of players for cricket. the best part of these mcdonald get togethers is all the children, whether they be second cousins or possibly third cousins, they just love playing together. it certainly brings back those childhood memories when the simple things were the most fun...

'per mare per terras'

do you have these fond childhood memories? do you still enjoy playing backyard cricket? bring back the slip 'n' slid!!

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