beakers + crates...

bianca riggo + ryan hanrahan are the creative design couple behind the company page thirty three. its a company which creates objects and artworks and recently explained to include a creative agency looking after all aspects of brand identity, interior design and styling amougst other things.

what i love is their home / studio. an old 300m2 warehouse on the northern beaches which they moved into in 2011 after out growing their bondi apartment. bianca + ryan's place is full of old, refurb, eclectic pieces, plus their own art and pieces that they manufacture and sell.

[images via inside out | sep-oct 2012]

page thirty three believe design should be unique and interesting. they collect things they are drawn too and overtime these items develop into a new life form. this is true to form in these examples below...
[wooden milk crates]
[lightbox bed | essential oil burner]

[images via page thirty three]

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