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if you're a regular reader of state of joy, you'd probably know about my newest addiction instagram [instant love]. so i thought it would be nice to share the love on thursdays and post my favourite four instagram photos of the week. *JOY

these are my parents hands. on the 8th august they celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. i love how dads hands are all "i work with my hands, love the outdoors" and mums, more protected and soft. my parents relationship is built with love, nurturing, friendship and understanding. i'm a lucky girl to have such wonderful role models. | aug 10
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]

belmore basin wollongong, provided fantastic photo opportunity when the weather turned on the weekend. the wind whipped up the surf and the large seas smashed against the rock walls. | aug 11

this is a spoon. just a simple spoon. it was taken for the 'photo a day' challenge, but i like it's form and no complications. | aug 12
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]

i've driven past this building on flood street leichhardt, for more than twelve years. for some reason i decided on tuesday that i'll finally take a photo of it. cute building. | aug 14
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