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one of the things that always brings a smile to my face is a new magazine. this day; two arrived right at lunch time. happy days!! | sep 13

this image captures the ambiance in my bedroom perfectly. loving my new lights from mulburysep 15
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]

in the office we were just looking through a book from 1984 called "colour for man". there was a section for spring colours, the right and wrong colours to wear. at lunch we happened to stumble across this hipster rocking spring colours circa 1972 milano. had to snap him. sep 19

nature providing a beautiful canopy. sep 19
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]
[state of joy © 2012]

four of my favourite instagram photos by fellow instagrammers;

.A | @ktrap .B | @imoments .C | @amberrrjones .D | @iestyngeorge

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