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to say i like the union jack would be an understatement. it pops all over my place [see images above]. my love affair started more than six years ago and i'm not sure exactly why i like it so much. it may have something to do with my uk heritage, but i think its more its bold, strong colours. 

i'm definitely not the only one who feels this way. walk into any homewares store and you are bound to see something adorn with that familiar cross. the latest interior item to boldly display the union jack is the impossibly ├╝ber cool "smeg fab 28" retro fridge. smeg have released eighteen new colours + liveries; including the australian, italian and english flags.

straying from the popular stainless steel or traditional white fridges, its a bold, no blending in addition to any kitchen...

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would your kitchen handle one of these?

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