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yesterday here in australia we celebrated fathers day and i'm extremely fortunate to be able to honestly say "i love my dad, he's a champion!!".
[dad circa 1987 | dad with granddaughters; zalie + indiana, 2012 | dad and i, 2009] 
from a young age i realised my dads innate ability to connect with all living things. children and animals are drawn to him. he makes you feel important and takes the time out to listen to everyone. people genuinely like him. he believes that everyone deserves a second [or third] chance, everyone has a story and its what they do with this that matters most. he encourages people to swim rather than sink.

my dad; also known as peter, mr mac, uncle pete, poppy mac and pete is my reality check, my perspective, and my personal handy man. nothing is a problem and everything can be achieved. i've inherited his attention to detail, love of beer, drawing ability, nose, practicality and sentimental side, to name a fewbut if i could learn or take one thing from dad, it would be his thoughtfulness and patience [yes, thats two things]. no matter the time of day or whats going on in his life, you'll always find him taking time out to speak to whoever has approached him or lending a hand to whatever needs attention. its selfless and inspiring.

i love you dad "happy fathers day!".

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