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customer service... its one of those things we generally talk about when its poor but rarely when we've had good experiences. lately i've done a little, well... a lot of shopping on the internet and i have had nothing but positive experiences. some with large, more established companies but mainly with smaller, local companies. 

recently i had one parcel that went missing thanks to the wonderful work of australia post. the company that i bought the goods from did everything to make sure that i received my parcel and followed up to ensure i was happy with my purchase. another exchanged an item i had bought on sale and sent me within a day the right size, accompanied with a nice note thanking me for my purchase and hoping that the new size is perfect. which it is and i love!! so, i'd like to give a big thank you and a recommendation to the following sites. happy shopping... *JOY

 best made company | i love this site for its flags, cool enamel steel cups and well made camping items. its a boy scouts heaven.

arlington milne | handbags, handbags, gorgeous leather handbags... need i say more. apart from new designs have just arrived!!

 mulbury | industrial lighting, recycled seating, chic cushions, vintage signage, etc etc... interior designers, home decorators - rejoice.

 secret south |  formerly secret squirrel. this australian owned and made clothing company has exquisite timeless pieces that look and make you feel that little extra special.

surf stitch | boardshorts, swimmers, sunnies, thongs, plus t shirts, dresses, jewellery. this site delivers quality and super fast service.

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