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ask anyone who has been to singapore "whats it like?", normally the response will be "hot". and yes, hot it was but to my surprise it was quiet and super clean. for a country of over 5 million people on an island of 700+km2, it was quiet. the roads were busy but it was ordered and no one was honking their horns, or generally in a rush. the place really comes alive at night, its full of expats and there really is nothing better than being out at night and not having to think 'should i take a jacket'. loved it!!

although we only had two tourist days, we managed to visit plenty of attractions. starting with the shopping on orchard road. world famous for shopping, full of luxury brands that i can only dream of affording to shop in. one day i'll buy that louis vuitton luggage.

clarke quay was night life singapore style. as soon as we stepped out of the taxi, 'boom' celebration time - dancing dragon to open the latest chain restaurant boss bar-b-q. abundance of restaurants and bars, outdoors to soak up the balmy heat.

chinatown was full of colour and life, both in the night and during the day. we were very lucky to be there at the end of their new moon festival to see the sea of coloured lanterns. 

one place that is a must on a visit to singapore and if you can afford to stay their, its marina bay sands. the concept of placing an infinity pool on the 57th floor, across three towers is simply ludicrous but breathtaking. as non hotel guests, we were only able to marvel from the "skypark" observation deck. it was worth it, the view is amazing and the architecture, from another planet...

images marked with a M are courtesy of mon, thank you. |  [state of joy © 2012]

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