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last weekend i was given the opportunity along with friend and colleague, monica del rosario to  attend the asia leg of saturday in design [SiD] in singapore. for me personally, it was an opportunity to get out of the office, the 9 to 5 or in my case 10 till 6 and see what the rest of the world is doing in design, plus the chance to experience a different culture.

in regards to SiD, its apparent that the world is now a very small place. many of the exhibitors are showcasing products that we here in australia are familiar with. however always ready with cameras in hand, mon and i managed to cover about 80% of the exhibitors and  below i bring you my favourite images of the show. 

[1] red dot design museum: products by quench + korla [2] aps buliding: showcasing smeg
[3] xtra: showcasing herman miller, thonet, tom dixon, arketipo + many, many more... [4] dream interiors
[5] space furniture: showcasing dinosaur designs [6] foundry [7] raffles hotel arcade for "how we create"

definitely one of the highlights of the show was the inspirational talk by design duo stephen ormandy + louise olsen of dinosaur designs at the stunning space furniture showroom. their talk took us back to their humble beginnings at paddington markets to a company that now employs over eighty staff. very inspiring!!

images marked with a M are courtesy of mon, thank you. |  [state of joy © 2012]

stay tuned next week for the tourist report of singapore.

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