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i love a sunset, and this one was pretty magical beach side. love the sky, the silhouette of the lifeguard tower...
fairy meadow | nsw | australia | dec 06

 after a lovely long lunch with my life long friends at one of our favourite relaxed seafood restaurants  it was fun to capture another group of friends enjoying their time together...
cronulla | nsw | australia | dec 09
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]

bridges are amazing structures, really liked this ones random red beam and the light shinning through...
leichhardt | nsw | australia | dec 10
[photo taken as part of the photo a day challenge]

you don't see many of these around so much anymore. this general store has the best collection of old school lollies...
engadine | nsw | australia... | dec 11 

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four of my favourite instagram photos by fellow instagrammers;

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