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its almost the end of 2012, and this will be my last four | grams... post for the year. this weeks have a particular outdoors feel to them as we wind down the working year and start experiencing the fresh air...

snapped while driving to work on the most gorgeous summers morning. love the clouds in this picture. i was very tempted to take the next exit to stanwell park beach...
helensburgh | nsw | australia | dec 13

 i love the contrast of the dark foreground against the perfect summers sunset...
sydenham | nsw | australia | dec 13

after a weekend of sunshine, monday turned overcast and i fell ill. an afternoon stroll along the foreshore to grab some fresh air. shot this picture which could have been taken 30 years ago, timeless...
north wollongong | nsw | australia | dec 17

 after a day where i wanted to escape the uneasiness, i found myself lying on the sand at sunset. after seeing the sky like this, everything uneasy lifted...
north wollongong | nsw | australia | dec 18

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