past friends...

us girls at the beach!
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it's the festive season; which means emails, text messages, and facebook invites start filtering through from friends and family to lock in an end of year catch up. work colleagues, old school friends, childhood mates, your best friends and their partners, your close group of local friends with kids... its non-stop and i must admit, this year i'm all for it. embracing the catch up, the more the merrier!! 

its also at this time of year that i start thinking a lot about time gone by and how quickly the years are passing. recently i've being reconnecting with past friends, and its fun seeing how much has changed yet how little is different. its amazing how 5, 10, even 15 years have gone by, and that connection can still be there like we saw each other yesterday. those friends we made during our late-teens and twenties are the ones that got to see you at your most free, possibly at your best, and more than likely your most embarrassing... lets hope for many more years of friendship and festive seasons!

time for a catch up and a drink...?

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