white heat...

[images via pinterest]
those of you who know me know i love a deep dark moody interior, but for some reason at this time of year the light is shinning so bright on everything white. there's something about that crisp whiteness that makes me think of summer + summer holidays. the more sun, the whiter the room. it looks so fresh, so shiny and new. add an accent chair, a feature rug, a coloured cushion, an amazing piece of art and your interior just pops. add warmth to this often sterile look with timber; floors, dining tables, sideboards, doors...

as christmas is near, this white colour scheme lends itself to simple decorations, every colour sparkles. if you are following a big trend that has been occurring over the past year you can't go past animal heads, horns or antlers featuring in interiors. perfect for christmas time, add some fairy lights and rudolph is in your house!!

[images via real living magazine christmas 2012]

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