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can you believe it, we are almost at the end of january! we have well and truly started a new year. state of joy has had a little freshening up over the break, and i'm looking forward to bringing lots of new stories, photos, interviews, and gorgeous interiors to you in 2013.

i hope you all had a break over the new year period and indulged, celebrated and relaxed. to start the year off, i thought i'd share with you some of my pictures from over the break. i was one of the lucky ones who had three weeks off my day job and did copious amounts of relaxing. i'm definitely not one of those people who take time to wind down, or who gets easily bored. i'm just happy when i can do and be wherever i please whenever i please...

this holidays was one of my most contented. i spent time with my family and friends, time away and home, plenty of sleeping, eating, drinking and lying on the beach [how wonderful was it to finally have a proper summer? i don't care what the news is saying about heatwaves, its summer! bring on the sunshine!!]. i also shopped, spring cleaned, watched movies and took plenty of pictures. happy new year... x

 [nieces + nephew | bubble time]

[dad + brothers | bbq + beers]
[niece | steely eyed tutu wearing assassin]
[old friends catch up + all their kids | motorbike action]
[happy new year | hallidays point]
[brother, niece + nephew | summer by the harbour]
[summer of instagram]
all photos © state of joy | 2013

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