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with no real plans for the weekend, i took the opportunity to play tourist in one of my favourite towns near home. it was raining [a lot] and windy so the chance to walk around was lost but the weather presented quite a different view of this coastal town: thirroul.

normally the streets are filled with locals and tourists perusing the various shops, drinking and eating at the pubs and cafes, surfers and bathers down by the beach however this weekend, the town was quiet with most people sheltered away from the elements. there were of course a couple of exception; young locals making their own fun in the wet weather and the pub still busy with bucks parties.

thirroul used to be a place that we would pass through on our way to wollongong, only stopping to perhaps go roller skating at the old anita's theater or attend a surf life saving carnival at the beach or go grocery shopping with mum, but now thirroul is a destination. the town has changed a lot over the years. the people, the homes, the shopping, the art, the food; its diverse, however its coastal charm is still very present and its worth the stop...

all photos © state of joy | 2013

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