nine days | february...

last year i brought you a series of instagram posts titled four | gramsthis year i'll be continuing along the same vein but posting a selection of my favourite + most popular pictures from the past month; hello nine days...

1. after a night out and attending a seminar on instagram slightly hungover, i couldn't wait to get home to wrap myself up in my favourite pony rider quilt and sleep on the lounge. [22]
my place | nsw | australia | feb 02

2. this image changed everything for me on instagram. well-known sydney interiors stylist megan morton commented "i seriously loved that slouchy leather bag on sheets shot. and chambray! ok ok, yesterday I found my old chambray shirt and wore it and went snap! chambray, leather and sheeting - all some of my fave things." and than started following me. it felt like some kind of validation. [20]
my place | nsw | australia | feb 06

3. guilty pleasure redbull... so bad, yet so so sugary sweet good. i included this image as it made the fat mum slim's fab four. [35]
my place | nsw | australia | feb 10

4. i've noticed i really like taking photos of lighthouses. this one is actually only a little lighthouse, but from this angle he is standing tall[39]
belmore basin | nsw | australia | feb 11

5. i don't take many pictures of food as they never do the meal justice, but this one came up perfectly. afternoon at my parents house to celebrate three family birthdays. [34]
mum+dads | nsw | australia | feb 17

6. i can't get enough of pristine blue sky's framing a lone solid building[17]
vaucluse | nsw | australia | feb 19 

7. changing a lightglobe. nothing special, however i like how this picture captures me[19]
my place | nsw | australia | feb 20 

8. on a wet lazy weekend, i took a drive to thirroul to photograph the town and also the shop nest emporium. i couldn't not take a photo of this stunning indian headdress that i think i really need to purchase. [35]
thirroul | nsw | australia | feb 23 

9. this magnificent timber home amongst the concrete mansion was found to shoot designer rugs latest designer collaboration with camilla[36]
vaulcuse | nsw | australia | feb 25 

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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