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[images | © yvan rodic]

[images | © scott schuman]
i think i've found a new love, street style photography. i've noticed over the past months that i've become more and more intrigued by people who photograph people on the streets, mainly those around the fashion world. i'm not sure if its the clothes, the image, the beauty or their sheer guts to take these photos. capturing a person at their best just going from a to b.

through the world of blogs and instagram these photographers are posting their pictures for all to be inspired. i'm loving street style photographers + bloggers yvan rodic: aka facehunter and scott schumanaka the sartorialist. 

although the most intriguing + the original street style photographer  is 84 year old bill cunningham. bill reports weekly for the new york times of what he sees mainly on the streets of manhattan, new york, unless jetting off to europe for the fashion shows. he's been  tracking emerging trends before most of us are aware that it has become one for over 50 years. he's most recognisable as the man in the blue coat on his bicycle... [the movie / documentary: bill cunningham new york is an interesting insight into his world. he's definitely a man who lives and breathes fashion + photography].

[images | © bill cunningham]

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