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two weeks ago i reported i was surprisingly off to milan. yes, milan italy! i still can't believe having been, that i actually went. i was joined on the designer rugs work trip with my friend and colleague, monica. we set out to experience all that milan had to offer. the streets, the sites, the sounds... not to mention the food + wine. we explored the berara design district, tortona area, along with visiting the tourists sites of milan; the veneranda fabbrica del duomo, the galleria and all that surrounded the piazza del duomo... i just loved walking the street and watching the locals go about their daily business.

the trip was a chance to look at what the world is offering in the name of interiors of tomorrow. new colours, new styles, new ideas... next week i'll bring to you my favourite and most inspiring exhibition.  

i hope you enjoyed my view of the streets of milan... 

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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