beautiful moooi...

i considered saving the best till last on my designer rugs milan reports but i just couldn't wait to show this amazing exhibition showroom by design company moooi. the brainchild of a dutch pair; [designer] marcel wander + [ceo] casper vissers. the name derives from the dutch word for beautiful - mooi and as their website states "the third 'o' in the brand name stands for an extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness."

the exhibition "unexpected welcome" was showcased in the tortona district in a 1700sqm warehouse. the empty shell was transformed into a wonderment of design and proportion. you entered the space through an almost black foyer and than you rounded the corner into a creative transformation beyond my wildest expectations. 

this year moooi celebrated their long term partnership with dutch photographer: erwin olaf. behind every room-setting were these incredible 4.5m images that were in typical olaf style; a little left of centre. the images had me transfixed and rendered speechless for sometime by their sheer beauty and impact. the images telling one story watching over the room-setting, while the settings themselves quietly showcasing the vision of moooi... beautiful. 

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

if you'd like to see more of this incredible exhibition there is a  360° panorama of the show [click here]

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