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i'd always known that note taking wasn't one of my strongest attributes, in fact i rarely take notes. i generally take a notebook to meetings but it takes me four years to remotely fill the pages and even than they are generally filled with the date and subject of the meeting along with plenty of doodling. why am i going on about this? well coming back from milan i realised i really don't know "what, where or who" i saw. to me those points are not entirely important as its the experience, the feeling, the visuals that stick most in my mind... but putting together posts, those "what, where or who" details would have come in handy. so forgive me that i am unable to give all the details to these images.

you'll probably be delighted to hear that this is my last milan post. i just had to record the time and all that i have seen and experienced. this last post is at the place where the trip was based around; salone internazionale del mobile [international furnishing fair]. 

the sheer size of the fair is hard to imagine. think 24 halls, each the size of half a football field and a 4km long concourse running the length of the fair. its truly enormous, so large that we actually managed to visit only 4 halls on one day. however i was told, they are the must see halls. the big players. missioni, moroso, kartell, edra, knoll, natuzzi, riva1920, flexform, and poliform just to name a few.

this year saw timber used in abundance, matte metals, leather and the return of natural materials. there was also a lot of celebrating the old and classic. bright fabrics were still present but muted, soft tones are coming back. so get ready for a return to the 90's with a touch of class.

thank you designer rugs for the trip - it was a fantastic opportunity.
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[jamie dury | riva1920]

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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