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i was told that when visiting milan i must visit spazio rossana orlandi, its a slice of design treasure set in an old tie factory. a multi storey, countless room, no area off limits, gallery full of contemporary and vintage furniture and homewares. its an amazing place that people come either to be seen in the green courtyard or to discover emerging designers and emerse themselves in rossanas world. her store is quirky, eclectic and by all reports, just like her.

my favourite pieces at the space were the below japanese handmade titanium cups by sus gallery. i loved the muted colour palette and the individual texture, each piece unique. i also wouldn't mind a couple of the elegantly designed "catch" chair by jaime hayon. its form and lines are beautifully crafted. definitely worth the visit...

[titanium cups | sus gallery]
[catch chair | jaime hayon]

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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