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[casabio | via savona 33]
continuing on from last weeks post of the beautiful moooi exhibition, we stay in the tortona area for tortona design week. this area was traditionally set up for the up and coming designer who haven't quite made it too isaloni but now the area is just as popular and if not more inventive than the big show itself. the place was crawling with designers and students looking for the next big thing and enjoying the relaxed, friendly nature of the less structured exhibits.

my favourite exhibition in the tortona area was the industrial ruin space that was taken by angelo grassi design - ortofabbrica [images above]. their description of the exhibition "a small-scale vision of a version 3.0 factory, where everything is made and nothing is wasted – environments both in & out ruled by a tame yet dynamic sort." 
we had a gorgeous spring day and the blue skies played an integral part in bringing this space to life. it was hard not to let your imagination run wild with the thought of events that could be held in a space like this. if only we had more of this in australia... 
[casabio | via savona 33]
[angelo grassi design ortofabbrica | via savona 37]
[angelo grassi design - ortofabbrica | via savona 37]

[new duivendrecht | via tortona 32]
[eq+ | via tortona 32]

[swedish design goes to milan | via tortona 32]
all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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