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yesterday here in australia we celebrated mother's day. its the one day of the year where we truly give thanks to this magnificent women. it has become a tradition with my mother and i to spend the day together since my brothers have married and their wives have become mothers. i tend to spoil her, but no matter how much i spoil her on this particular day, it doesn't nearly come close to the love and support that i have received throughout my life. love you mum x

over the past weeks mothers + motherhood has been a prominent topic of conversation in my life, from the happiest of conversations to the saddest. 
i've had exciting pregnancy announcements, my friend is to become a mother for the first time later in the year. we had afternoon tea for our heavily pregnant colleague leaving us at the end of the week to start maternity leave and a new adventure. another colleague is due any minute with her third son. and yesterday some girlfriends celebrated their very first mothers days.... all so wonderful. than there was last weekend when i attended a reunion and a bunch of old friends were present, i hadn't seen them all for more than 5 years, they were now with children in tow. at my age this generally leads to the conversations that those of us without children find all to familiar; the polite "do you have children?", no... "do you want children?", yes... and than the look, followed by "well there's still plenty of time..." 
yesterday i received the somewhat insensitive comment from my socially unaware, no filter neighbour "ha, suppose i can't wish you happy mothers day!!" stop it, you charmer... 

unfortunately with the wonderful and slightly awkward in life comes the sadness. on friday evening i received the saddest of news: a message from a dear friend with news that her mother had passed away after years of battling cancer. my friends, michelle and marlene had shared their last moments with their mother on friday, a cuddle that they'll feel forever. there is nothing to prepare for this heart break. mrs mchugh, a beautiful and caring soul has left me with the warmest and fondest of memories. you could not visit the mchugh's without been offered a warm meal and a cold beverage. she seriously made the best fried rice and roast chicken wings ever!! their home was always one of love and kindness, she'll be so dearly missed. love always x

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