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after saturating the blog lately with my work trip to milan, i thought i'd take a small break and post my favourite instagram images for last month... 
[um.. yes, sorry. there are images from my trip!]

1. one of my favourite places in the world, bald hill. it has the most spectacular view of the south coast and is the perfect view point to capture storms at sea[41]
stanwell tops | nsw | australia | apr 06 

2. i still can't believe that this actually happened. passport, camera, long boots, leather jacket, etcetera, etc... was packed for work trip to milan for the four days of design indulgence. [38]
my place | nsw | australia | apr 07 

3. i had never been to milan and was struck by its old world beauty. this was my view from my very tiny but very tasteful italian hotel room. [46]
milan | italy | apr 10

4. there really is nothing to prepare you for the sheer size of the veneranda fabbrica del duomo [milan cathedral]. its beauty is beyond words. [41]
milan | italy | apr 11

5. my absolute mind blowing favourite exhibiton in milan, that of dutch company moooi [more pictures here]. [36]
milan | italy | apr 11

6. this image was taken for the photo a day challenge; the topic being "favourite colour". couldn't go past my bedroom walls deep deep blue. [44]
my place | nsw | australia | apr 16

7. a italian purchase. i'm in love with this leather jacket. [41]
my place | nsw | australia | apr 19

8. after a day strolling the streets of berry with my high school girlfriends, we had stopped at a railway crossing just when the light was hitting the long grass in a dreamy haze. couldn't help but take the picture. [43]
gerringong | nsw | australia | apr 28

9. at the end of the most glorious autumn weekend, i was heading back from the beach and took this picture. it was so warm and so beautifully still. [54]
north wollongong | nsw | australia | apr 28

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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