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1. love it when a purchase arrives in the mail. samantha wills "dream" necklace. hasn't left my neck since. [30] #fmsphotoaday
home | nsw | australia | may 01 

2. its getting cold now but the beach is still beautiful. this fellow was heading in for a last swim of the day before the light disappeared. [56]
north wollongong | nsw | australia | may 04 

3. simple image. great light. good colour. so many positive messages from fellow instagrammers. [56] #fmsphotoaday
erskinville | nsw | australia | may 09 

4. i was driving around leichhardt in my lunch break searching for an interesting letterbox, when i cam across this home. the sun was shinning so beautifully on the verandah  i just wanted to pull over and take a seat. bonus was the letterbox was perched high and full of mail. [46] #fmsphotoaday
leichhardt | nsw | australia | may 16 

5. the colours of autumn this year. brilliant blue skies. firey red trees. [39] #fmsphotoaday
stanwell tops | nsw | australia | may 17 

6. hair in top knot when working, cooking, or relaxing at the end of the day. simple, no fuss. [32] #fmsphotoaday
my place | nsw | australia | may 18 

7. love a book shop with soul. this one full of second hand books combined with a cafe enclosed in a paddington terrace has the right amount warmth to make you want to visit time and time again. [41] #fmsphotoaday
paddington | nsw | australia | may 21 

8. i was lucky enough to score tickets to the premier of the great gatsby in sydney. the invitation asked for a "hint of 1920's". had to wear my favourite black and white heels, and patterned fishnets. [61]
moore park | nsw | australia | may 22 

9. on the last day of autumn, went to the park for lunch. took pictures of all the different surfaces i walked across. i like how it tells the story of the inner-city. [37] #fmsphotoaday
leichhardt | nsw | australia | may 31 

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013
 [#fmsphotoaday | photo a day challenge]


i made fat mum slims photo a day challenge fab four pics [well this time top nine, too many great pics] on instagram. this time the topic was "in my cup" on saturday 4th may. perfect afternoon sun shining through my little home office window... 

if you're an instagram lover, you may want to play along - [details here*]

on sunday 19th may, my girlfriends and i headed into moore park for a visit to the 'fashion weekend'. while wandering to lunch, we walked past the amazing tents for the arena spectacular cavalia. i had to stop and take this picture as the white was so bright against the clear blue sky. i tag it for the sunday style magazine and this weekend it appeared in the magzine of the sunday telegraph newspaper!!

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