nine days | june...

1. trying to think of a picture for the 'after dark' prompt was difficult and than i had a thought: wine, heels, legs out = night... my most popular picture ever! [138] #fmsphotoaday
my place | nsw | australia | jun 04 

2. on the june long weekend, my friend monica and i headed south to the gorgeous coastal town of mollymook. i woke up a little earlier than my normal weekend sleep in and joined mon and her pup, marley for a wonder along the beautiful beach. [56]
mollymook | nsw | australia | jun 09 

3. road side stop photo opportunity... long grass, sunlight, barbed wire | love. [60] #fmsphotoaday
bawley point | nsw | australia | jun 09 

4. practicing for my annual leave. plenty of rest and relaxation. [48] #fmsphotoaday
my place | nsw | australia | jun 10 

5. it's cold outside, the water looks a little fresh. i'll leave that for the winter swimmers. [59] #fmsphotoaday
north wollongong | nsw | australia | jun 15 

6. the prompt of 'family' made me think of my dear grandma. this picture is of my hands with the ring i was given after she passed. i didn't inherit any obvious physical features from her but my hands are hers... [53] #fmsphotoaday
my place | nsw | australia | jun 16 

7. annual leave time and a several days stay at my parents meant plenty of relaxing, and magazine reading. thanks for the amazing hospitality as always at the 'resort' xx [54] #fmsphotoaday
home | nsw | australia | jun 19

8. sitting on the jetty looking east out to sea, life is good. [62] #fmsphotoaday
batesman bay | nsw | australia | jun 09/24 

9. we had almost two weeks of rain during june. this picture taken while I wait at the lights, shows just how wet and crazy it was. [42]
sydney | nsw | australia | jun 29 

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013
[#fmsphotoaday | photo a day challenge]

very happy to make fat mum slims photo a day challenge fab four pics again in june on instagram. as mentioned above, the comments and 'likes' surpassed any of my previous pictures.

if you're an instagram lover, you may want to play along - [details here*]

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