i apologise firstly for the couple of weeks absence from the blog. unfortunately our family suffered a large loss with the passing of my grandad on the 21st august. although he had lived a long and fulfilling life, passing at the ripe age of 91 - the loss is still hard to bear...

as we in australia have just celebrated "fathers day", it marked the first my mother had without her dad in 63 years, and the first we've missed him at the dinner table. he was also very much my dads father, having been with my mum for 45 years, dad was very much the son my grandad never had. they had a caring, trusting and strong bond. my mum cared deeply for grandad. he's life longer because of her care. not a day went passed that they didn't call each other and every week she ensured they visited him, taking hot meals and jelly, ensuring the fridge was fully stocked, his house clean and dad kept the backyard presentable.

born and bred in sydney, grandad lived a tough early life through the depression and this knowledge of going without stuck with him throughout his life. we would joke at his thriftiness, the recycling of everything but we appreciated his view of a non-disposable world that many of us take for granted. he was also a stickler for rules and details. having been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 at an early age, he stuck by his strict diet and we believe this healthy living prolonged his life not hindered it as most would like to believe. 

grandad always made the effort to introduce himself to everyone and his memory to remember the names of those whom he met from the receptionist to the surgeon was phenomenal. after his passing we were amazed at how this simple gesture of greeting people with their name was a highly appreciated act. however he could never understand how they got "bazza" from barry or "lazza" from larry; this was a reoccurring conversation.

he was a very loving and loyal husband. my grandma passed away 13 years ago and he never quite got over the loss. until the very end his love for her stayed strong and we continue as a family to miss her dearly.

grandad was a strong, dignified, sports loving ["go the dragons"] man. he loved golf [playing until 89], gardening, and movies / television. mostly he was a caring, loving and proud man. we are going to miss him very much, our family gatherings won't ever be the same... rest in peace xxx

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