gather round...

it's almost that time of year when we catch up with family and friends in the spirit of the festive season. we sit around dining tables to tell stories of the year past, our dreams of the future and we shine a light on the food we share. over the past few years amongst my family and friends, our meals together have become more ‘adventurous’. i’m not sure if this is because of the abundance of cooking shows or simply the availability of culturally diverse fresh produce or a combination of both. whatever it is, around the dining table is a place we should embrace and share our latest creations. below are examples of dining areas that i’d be happy to share a meal at…
[image via real living magazine | photography: maree homer]
[image via inside out magazine | photography: brooke holm]
[image via real living magazine | photography: jason busch]
[image via real living magazine | photography: martin lof]
[image via inside out magazine | photography: fabrizio cicconi]

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