blurred lines...

last thursday night, halloween of all nights and the sky in sydney was a strange colour; like it was bruised. after the weeks of bushfires, its no wonder it was looking this way. i was fortunate to be on a night photography course with my brother steven and able to capture the skies emotion. three hour tutorial walk around the beautiful sydney harbour, starting at st mary's catherdral and finishing at mrs macquaries chair. 

the 'teacher' was skilled at delivering his tutorial but not generally skilled at anything outside his notes. he was all for 'light trails' and 'blurred lines' and we all embraced this fun photography technique. for me, using a borrowed camera and not owning a proper digital SLR the teacher did well to explain the basic functions of getting a great scenic night picture. there's nothing like doing something different, learning more, spending time with family and taking in this great city. thanks steve for asking me to join you. x


all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013

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