summer 13|14...

here we are in a new year :: twenty fourteen :: this is the year of "doing". no more talk of wanting to go here or there, or should of's and could of's - its lets do that. lock it in. already booked a trip to indonesia in april, a place i've always wanted to visit. happy days... 

i really had what i considered a proper summer holiday; lazing around, drinking wine, eating seafood, swimming at the beach, read three books, plenty of sunshine and blue skies, few days away down the coast, catching up with family and friends and best of all, not a lot of driving! [the small things]. this is what it looked like through the lens of my iphone. 

now back to the reality of work and commitments, i could not have asked for a better three weeks off. great start to the year!!

all photos © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2013|2014


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