new friend...

saturday morning [F/5.6 | ISO-200 | 1/20 sec.] 
it has been a long time coming, but i have finally brought myself a proper grown up digital SLR and a couple of extra lens. i'm determined to use only the manual settings, so i've been experimenting with "F-Stops" "ISO" and "shutter speeds". i've always considered myself versed at maths and the above three fundamentals are all about it; F2.8, F5.6, F16 lessening the light; 100, 200, 1600 ISO sunny days to shooting indoors; 1/50, 1/80, 1/125 blur to less blur, but for some reason i've struggled grasping the whole concept. the instruction manual wasn't forth coming in these topics, more encouraging you to use its built in setups.

luckily i remembered that france based australian photographer, carla coulson last year had a four part tutorial called "M is for manual photography" on her blog carla loves photography that demystifies the fundamentals in terms that us layman's can understand. armed with this new knowledge and the words of professional photographers when learning how to use the camera "just take photos and smile", these are my unedited results of randomness from my first weekend with my new friend... 

weekend table [F/5.6 | ISO-200 | 1/20 sec.]  - *first photo / could have tidied up first before doing the test shot.... 
blue steel brother [F/5.6 | ISO-200 | 1/160sec.]
those ears [F/5.6 | ISO-100 | 1/160sec.]
aftermath [F/11 | ISO-400 | 1/30 sec.] 
rain hail shine [F/11 | ISO-400 | 1/30 sec.] 
morning grass [F/5.6 | ISO-100 | 1/1000 sec.] 
two pines [F4.5 | ISO-100 | 1/2500 sec.]
PHOTOS © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2014

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