camera one...

i thought i had a pretty decent handle on my digital SLR camera, however that changed when i attended a photography course recently. three hours, one night a week, for five weeks; in fifteen hours my knowledge of F stops, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, histograms and all those other components you need to know when using the camera manually, have been cemented permanently [i hope] in my mind, as i've embarked on course two this month.

each week we were given multiple assignments in relation too what we'd covered in the class. we would then select what we felt best fit the brief and have them printed for our following class to be critiqued. it was a daunting feeling, showing your images to a bunch of strangers. but everyone's encouragement after week one made us all feel at ease and the process helpful and enjoyable.  

our last assignment was to take images of photography that interests you. as i'm yet to master the art (read: build confidence) of taking portraits of strangers, i asked my particularly photogenic brother, willing sister-in-law and super easy niece to allow me to take their pictures. as the sunset over the escarpment, we had 40 minutes to capture them. here are some of my favourites... 

PHOTOS © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2014

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