second last day...

not sure what happened to 2014. only managed nine posts and it has been five months since i've said hello... so hey, how are you? as for me, by all accounts i'm really well. i'm on holidays, sun is shinning and when you add these two simple things together, it all points to great. 

next year i'd love to say i'll post weekly but i'm not really into grand sweeping statements, so i'll just say i hope to post more often. my plan is to share more of my love of photography, bringing glimpses, moments, travel experiences, and growing confidence behind the lens. 

these photos were taken today; the second last day of twenty fourteen. nothing crazy exciting; sleep in, quick visit to the shops, parents visit for reno help and much loved beach time. hey... i'm on holidays!! happy new year to you all... bring on TWENTY FIFTEEN. X

PHOTOS © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2014

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