H O B A R T | this [town]

you know when you visit a place and you think to yourself, this place is truly magical. not exactly what i had thought i was going to think when i visited our nations apple isle. especially after telling friends that i was going [why?], and in winter [gasp], and for five days in the same place [gasp gasp]... what was i thinking!! 

however, last august along with my dear friend monica with not a seconds thought of my lovely friends opinions, we visited a tiny portion of this spectacular, under-rated little state of ours called tasmania. it was a very short visit spent solely in its capital, hobartfive slow, relaxed, breath in the crisp sea air, drink the local wines, eat the local produce, days in hobarts two precincts; salamanca place and sullivans cove plus a visit to tasmanias newest tourist hub, MONA. but more on that at a later date. 

the place was begging to be photographed, so between meals / drinks and lazy siestas, i wondered this stunning little city and tried to capture its beauty. 

PHOTOS © christine mcdonald | state of joy 2014

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